Pros of Apple iPad:

    * 10 hour battery life

    * Built in Speaker and microphone

    * Awesome App Store

    * Interface is very much alike to iPhone/iPod Touch

    * User-friendly to read newspaper, eBooks, magazines

    * Uses home Wi-Fi

    * Supports third party apps without modification

Cons of Apple iPad:

    * Camera and flash is not supported in iPad

    * GPS is not supported completely.

    * Can’t load flash enabled videos.

    * No USB support.

    * No Multitasking

    * No Drag and Drop file management

    * No SD card reader built-in.

    * You won’t able to connect iPad to TV because there is no HDMI output.

iPad 2

 Pros of Apple iPad 2:

* iPad 2 is 33% thinner than the original iPad

* iPad 2 is 8.8 mm thick

* Dual core processor

* 9X faster graphics

* Same low power as A4

* Lighter than iPad (1.33 lbs.)

* Front facing camera

* It comes in two colors: Black or White

* It does support AT&T and Verizon

* Battery life remains the same as iPad (10 hrs.)


Cons of Apple iPad 2:

* Camera quality could be better

* No 4G connectivity

* Doesn't support personal hotspot